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Empowering Growth with SaaS and Operational Excellence

Since 2016, our firm has excelled in two main areas: developing cutting-edge SaaS products and providing comprehensive operational support. We charge clients for our SaaS product usage and offer a monthly retainer for our technical services. Acting as a fractional COO, we provide leadership and coordination in executing key projects, ensuring innovation and efficiency to drive business growth and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

My story

Who am I?

Eliran Mukdasi
Entrepreneur. Creator. Team player.

I am obsessed with unusual ideas that caught my attention and improved my life in technology and music.

Since then, I have helped scale and spread these ideas through various brands, affecting millions worldwide.

My biggest passion is connecting people who share a great idea, empowering them, and helping them become a thriving team that brings this idea to fruition.


My story

Start with why.

Music and technology have always played a big part in my life and shaped who I am. They helped me meet like-minded people, pushed me to develop as a problem-solver, and, as a result, grew and solidified my core values.

All people deserve to be empowered by music and technology.

I help brands that share that vision grow and empower the lives of people all over the world.

I also happen to be pretty good at what I do, a result of over 15 years of experience and continuous learning and development in the juncture of music and technology.

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